Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(from ys's blog hehe)

Hello, I went shopping myself today. Hahaha. Didnt buy anything cause I think I look skinny in them. Sighhh. Just finish reading super jiao(ys) and fel's blog. Kinda miss them suddenly. Haha. Shall start studying next week. I know I have been saying these for the past few entries already. Been procrastinating you know. Hmm, thinking what to get for ys's bday. She always make me pretty things, maybe can make for her something also !

2010 is going to end soon ! 2010 has been quite a smooth year, not much dramas and stuff. Improvement in studies haha. Perspectives of somethings have changed and I have learn to not take people/ things around me for granted. But don't think I'm as happy as I'm in 2009.
2011 will be a better year, i believe so. Finish A levels and i will be free. Friends have been telling me that A levels will be here before you know it. Then I will be leaving tpjc !!! YAYEE.

Last cell group of 2010 tml (; I'm looking forward.


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