Friday, January 14, 2011

in my mind

I'm tired right now. First week of school have passed just like that. It seems like a pretty short week to me. Everyday is tiring but really happy. Like today, been out the whole day since like 6am but I'm so happy. Tired but satisfied, you know that feeling? Haha. An extra thing that made me extra happy today is that Mr Ng is back to teaching us maths. Our CT also change to him already. ayye. No more Matthew Lim. No more. Haha. Kinda looking forward to school...don't know whats wrong with me. Haha

On a side note, I get annoyed with people who only do lip service. Their actions and words don't telly. It makes me doubt what they say. Haha. Always believe that actions>words. Cause everyone, anyone can say it. Doing it is another thing. How would you know what they say its true unless its proven by their actions? Hmm. Not saying anyone , just random thoughts hee


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