Friday, January 7, 2011

Press for love

Can you see what will you be doing ten years, twenty years down the road? I can't. I can't picture myself having a career or managing my finance or carrying more responsibilites when i get older. But somehow I can picture myself with you. Somehow, I can see my future with you. How would it all be like. Can you? Do you have someone in your life that you can really picture yourself with for the rest of your life? Haha. Thought of this question when I was walking home today. Hmmm. We all have that special someone in our life isn't it.

On a side note, school is starting in two day's time. Trying to chiong finish all my homework by this week (; And I think I can do it. I hope. Busy but happy days. 2011 has so far been rather good to me. I have not been exercising recently ;( Sort of lazy to go gym or to even swim or anything sports related. Muscles turning into fats liao.....I have been trying to gain weight since like dont know when. Gaining weight isn't the hardest part. Maintaining it is. It's so difficult just to reach 45kg. Just dont have the staminia to maintain my weight everyday. Feel like just eating as and when that I like. Don't like planned diets.

Going darling house to watch movie tml ! (; Till then.


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