Monday, January 31, 2011

alt ctrl del


Went to Macs to study alone and it brought back many memories.
Remembered the times when I would have someone that would just watch me study and wouldn't even complain a bit. So much things have changed along the way. Kinda miss primary school days better where everyone are just friends with each other and things aren't complicated. When a cup of ice cream could easily make me happy...

What's yours is yours and no one can take away. Thats why I don't like controlling people. Interfering with where they go/ who they mix with. You can't control a person forever, you need trust in relationships. And just like what I said, what yours is yours.

Hmm, back have been aching real bad these days. I'm getting old.... Going to see a doctor soon cause it has been this pain for more than a week. Think I pulled my muscle or something, idk.

Going to dl EDC's video and share with eve tml (;

My nails are turning purple, I'm feeling cold.


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